Cleaning Mildew Off Difficult Surfaces

So you know how to remove mold and mildew from your bathroom tiles but what should you do if you find mildew elsewhere. There are some effective cleaners on the market that will help you remove mold from books, upholstery, clothing and many more surfaces. The cleaning instructions are straight forward but before you go to your grocers to pick one up read the following helpful tips to set you on your way.

Looking for a recipe for mold removal that you can make at home and cleans textiles? If the textile you are cleaning is colorfast then add it to this homemade solution and leave to soak overnight. Mix one cup buttermilk with one gallon of cold water. After the overnight soak rinse and wash again in your washing machine making sure you set the machine to cold wash. This should do the trick and leave your material mildew free.

Do not give up hope if you find mildew on your leather items, with a little effort they can be saved. First things first, take the offending leather item outside and shake or brush off the surface mildew to avoid spreading it round your home. Make a small 50/50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol and with a cloth wipe off the rest of the mold. If anything is left wash with a mild soapy water solution. You should then leave the item to dry throughly before attempting any further cleaning with leather polish etc.

You can clean mildew and mold off books or sheafs of paper but again you will have to take a different tack. If mold has stained the paper in anyway you will, unfortunately, have to live with it. If the mildew spores have already dried on the paper the it is a straight forward job to wipe them away with a clean towel or cloth. If the paper is still damp in must be dried properly first. Cornstarch or talcum powder can be added to the offending areas and will draw a lot of the mositure out of the paper. Alternatively just place the paper/book in a well ventilated place. Once dry clean as described above.