The Classic Design Found For Tub Chairs

When browsing for new furniture items you may see a style of chair that is created with a round barrel shape. These chairs are known as tub chairs because of the seat’s resemblance to a washtub. The chair has actually been around for many decades and is often used in homes that have a modern or retro type of décor. A tub chair can be found constructed with several different types of materials including leather. The leather tub chairs are often the chosen styles to use in a modern designed room because they work well with the leather modern sofas.

The classic design for the chair created in a tub style will have the item made as a fully padded style, which places in the category of arm chairs. The difference in this design is that the back section is usually not as high as some other arm chair styles and the arms are made as extensions of the rounded back slanting slightly downward as they curve toward the front. These padded styles will have a seat cushion that can be removed for ease of cleaning.

Some of the more decorative designs will have the backrest area tufted so there are little pillows of cushioned areas. The front arm section on a more formal chair may have a rolled design giving the piece a more elegant appearance. These formal styles are usually covered in a velvet type of material that is a rich color such as forest green or sable brown. The chairs created as tub styles can work equally well in a living room, bedroom or family room setting. The design and color, as well as the type of material you choose for your chair should be in keeping with the design and color scheme of the room you intend to use it in.