Carpet For High Traffic Areas

As nice as fluffy, soft carpet can feel and look, there are some parts of the home that need to be a bit stronger. Carpeting around the back door, especially if you have kids, and in the hallways gets much more foot traffic than other parts of the house, and as a result will wear down or get stained much faster. Here are two different materials that carpet can be made in, that are much stronger than ordinary carpet and will withstand foot traffic much better.

For the back door area, you may want to consider buying sisal carpet tiles to help protect the floor. Sisal is a material from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, and it’s known for being some of the strongest carpeting material on earth. The leaf itself is so strong that you can cut yourself on it in its natural form, and once beaten and woven into a carpet, it provides a carpeting that’s so strong it actually has to be lined with latex to keep it from curling and splitting. This can be a problem for anyone with an allergy, but just goes to show how strong the carpeting itself is.

Another type is called seagrass carpet. Seagrass comes from eastern Asian, and similarly to sisal, it is extremely strong. The fibers of the plant are very dense, and as a result it resists staining, which is good, though this also means that it resists dyes, and so comes in natural colors only. Seagrass carpet is not quite as rare as sisal, and so may be a bit cheaper, depending on where you are.

Either of these materials are excellent choices for those hallways and doorways that see a lot of foot traffic, especially if you have kids (or adults) that forget to take their shoes off inside. They will protect your floors and look great for a long time.