Canvas Storage Bags

Canvas storage bags are a perfect storage solution for seasonal items. Basically, these are canvas bags in the shape of boxes. This means when you stuff them full of whatever they take on a semi-rigid shape of a box, making stacking and storing multiple bags a breeze. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at this link. I am not affiliated with that store in any way; I just want you to get a good idea of what these bags are and how they can be used.

So I started off by mentioning seasonal items. Here’s why: when you are using the items the bags themselves collapse down to almost nothing, making storing them a breeze. So here’s the scenario. In the summer you take all your bulky sweaters and you fold them nicely and you stuff them in one or more of these canvas storage bags. You stack them up in your attic or your basement or garage. Then in the winter you take them out of the bags and put them in your closet. The bags you collapse and fold and put away, taking up a very small space.

Another benefit of these bags is they can be attractive. this means you can store them in plain sight if you wish. Leave one under a table or in a corner and it will look tons better than having some cardboard moving box there instead.

Canvas storage bags come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so your best bet is to first take a good look at what you need to store. Stack your items on the bed or a table. Arrange them into meaningful groups or just divide them into equal stacks. In this way you can get a rough sense of what size you’ll need. Otherwise when you get to the store you can end up buying shapes that make storing your stuff more inefficient. In fact, make sure the store has a decent exchange policy so that if you do get home and find stuff doesn’t fit just right you can fix it.

Canvas storage bags are a subset of canvas storage. Here’s an article taking a more general look at different types of canvas storage.