Buying Patio Furniture – Three Different Materials to Choose

Patios have become very popular today, used as extensions to the modern home. The range of patio furniture used to be very limited and indeed unimaginative, but over time the range of choice has expanded greatly. Now the difficulty you face may be deciding which type of outdoor patio furniture to choose. It is also made in a wide variety of different materials these days; sometimes knowing which will best suit your needs can prove a challenge. Let’s take a quick look at some of the materials commonly used in the making of modern patio furniture.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture is an old favorite. The material itself these days is actually mild steel with a variety of different finishes. It is most common in the old fashioned classic style with quite ornate metal work, but for the more modern garden you can find new cutting edge designs to suit any outside area. Wrought iron furniture is extremely hard wearing and will last many years with minimal maintenance required, apart from regular cleaning of course.wrought iron patio furniture


Wooden Patio furniture

Wooden patio furniture has moved on quite a bit in recent times. The old type of wood furniture used to need a lot of work to keep it looking good. Nowadays the type of woods used has changed to varieties better suited to outside use. Cedar and teak garden furniture have become very popular. Both are hard wearing and can last for many years with a little care such as regular staining or the application of varnish. Wood is used for the Adirondack chair style of furniture, taking advantage of the natural look and feel of wood.wooden patio furniture


Resin Patio Furniture

Resin patio furniture is fast becoming a popular choice due to its green qualities. It is made from recycled plastics and so no threat to endangered timber species. The quality of resin furniture is increasing all the time and it can be bought in many different colors and styles – wood effect is a good choice. Again virtually no maintenance is required and it is a long lasting material.resin patio furniture


Whatever material you choose you will also find a range of suitable outdoor accessories available, from patio furniture cushions and pillows to patio umbrellas and wrought iron plant stands, to name a few. Many other materials are used for outdoor furniture from Bamboo and Cedar to Rattan garden furniture. For each material there are some advantages and disadvantages but it really will be a matter of personal choice and budget that helps you make your decision. Go ahead and get the most from your outdoor space this summer and invest in some new patio furniture.