How To Build A Storage Shed With A DIY Guide

As every homeowner knows just too well, there is no such thing as enough storage space! Most of us store the lawn mowers, all our tools, and the old washing machines in our garages, but when they become so cluttered that there is hardly any space left for the car, then it is time to think of a better solution.

Building a storage shed in the backyard is the answer to all our storage problems and the perfect place to keep shovels, bikes, garden supplies and tools, and any other outdoor equipment. Although, I must stress out that using garden shed plans is crucial, if are inexperienced.

It is also one of the least costly solutions since building a second garage or an extension to the house not only requires numerous permits, but can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the inconvenience of moving out, or even worse, living in while the construction work is taking place.
Prefabricated storage sheds are also available in different materials, sizes, and shapes and there is a model out there for any budget or taste.

However, on-site construction is also a viable option and probably the better one when a custom-made shed is needed – with some basic skills, careful planning, and the right tools, a small garden shed can be erected in a matter of a few days or weeks.

Building it should commence only after the local zone regulations and building codes are taken into account and once the legal part of the process is taken care of, all that needs to be done is design it, build the foundation, cut the material, and assemble the shed. Once erected, electricity could be added by running cables overhead or underground (although getting this done during the construction process is easier) and the brand new shed could be heated and even used as a workshop. Generally speaking, as long as you have quality storage shed plans, you woodworking project will be successful.


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