Bound Carpet Remnants Have Many Uses

For those who have never used or inquired about them, bound carpet remnants are sections of the floor covering that are left over on a roll after installation in homes or large spaces. The amount that is left will vary and many sizes are available. They are made to function as large rugs, with the edges sewn so they will not begin to unravel.

These remnants can be found in various places. Sometimes stores that special in carrying large pieces of rug left over from rolls carry hundreds of sizes, colors and weaves to choose from. You can usually visit such a place and ask for a specific type, which is typically offered at a lower cost than an entire section of floor covering that is installed. You may also find such products at floor covering specialty stores. Some are available in the smaller sizes, like 8 x 10 or 5 x 7, in discount and retail stores.

Such items can be used in many places around the house. For a covered or screened patio, they provide additional warmth and can help the space feel more comfortable. If you have a room with hard wood floors and simply want to add a large rug, you may find a suitable size and color to go with the room’s decor. Products like this work very well in a small bedroom, home office or breakfast nook. They can even be used over existing carpet in a large space, to add some color contrast or to coordinate with furniture and draperies.

Prices for these items can vary. Often when you visit a store that offers these pieces or sections of rug, you can get large sections at a fraction of the original cost. A typical 5 x 7 section purchased in a retail or discount store can cost as little as $15. A larger 8 x 10 may cost around $25 or more, depending on color, quality and the type of weave you want.