Bath Pillows: A Cloud You Can Rest On

Picture the following scene: It is Friday night and you have just come home from work after a long long week.  It is dark and cold outside and all that you want to do is to just kick off your shoes and relax.  You fill up the bathtub for a hot, relaxing bubble bath and get into the tub and are surrounded by heavenly warmth. You use your shower soap dispenser to clean your hands and face thoroughly.  After awhile, you realize that your neck is becoming sore from the hard tiles or the bathtub.  This is where a bath pillow comes in handy.

You might be wondering what a bath pillow is and what it’s used for.  A bath pillow is a pillow made specifically for resting your head in the bathtub so that you do not hurt your neck and have proper neck support.  These pillows are designed to be waterproof just in case they fall into the water.

There are many different varieties bath pillow on the market.  There is a foam bath pillow, a blow-up pillow, the spa pillow, and many more. Some are suitable for very small bathtubs and others can come built into the actual bath itself. There are differences between each of them and they are quite noticeable.  They all have the same purpose however they each do it in slightly different ways.  The kind of pillow you choose should be chosen based on your own personal preferences.

bath pillow

Bath pillows not only come in different kinds of materials like sponge, but they also have different shapes and sizes.  There are some pillows that have novelty shapes (such as animals) and there are some that are made to allow for the most comfort and support for your neck as possible to be experienced.

They are great little luxury to have, and are easy to take with you as you travel or even on business trips.  They are great for relaxation and soothing a stiff and aching neck.  Go ahead and treat yourself to a deluxe bath pillow today – so that you may rest your weary head and enjoy the comfort.

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Tom Stark