Make your Home Shine with an Arc Floor Lamp

A floor lamp is an excellent add-on to your home. Whether you’ll light up a small area or large area, floor lamps make a room more defined. Floor lamps come in many types and shape that will accentuate other furniture in your household. A curtain that is otherwise ordinary looking will look magnificent with a dim floor lamp. The same is true with other furniture; you can set the mood to your liking with floor lamps. Some modern designs of floor lamp are even suitable as outdoor lighting features in their own right, and can be a stunning choice.

An arc floor lamp is a type of floor lamp that is designed specifically to focus on one area by having an overhanging lamp attached to a stand that is bend like a hook. Most of the arc floor lamps are 6 feet or taller and are open to allow effective illumination of an area. Some of these lamps can be installed with halogen lights for cost effective solutions and energy saver.

Arc floor lamps were invented about thirty years ago and have gone through a lot of design reconsideration until it is perfected to what it looks today. They are the preferred floor lamps today because of its functional design. Floor lamps of yesteryears are somewhat bulky and are limited to wood designs. Now more and more lamps are designed in a ‘minimalist’ fashion that convey class and sleekness of a room.

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Many homes now have arc lamps in their living room, terrace, and bed rooms as they make it more distinct, captivating and cooler to look at. Large arc floor lamp is commonly installed in hallways or large living rooms that effectively diffuse light in a corner. Arc lamps are commonly made of steel and other metals since the bend design led it naturally to malleable materials. One interesting variation is the brass arc floor lamp.

Arc lamps are heavier and bulkier to move around like floor lamps so it stays put in one place. There is a lot of different variety to choose from including those with multiple head.  Arc lamps differ from floor lamps since they have a variable switch that can dim the light in different degree of brightness. Arc floor lamps are more expensive than floor lamps but they can make a living room shine, however, if space is limited, a floor lamp is usually a better choice since it doesn’t have an overhanging part that will get hit as the space is cramped.

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