Anti Slip Mat A Safety Feature For Bathrooms

A tub that is slippery is dangerous, as most people do not need to be told. If someone falls and hits his or her head against the tiles, faucets or a hard floor, a severe head injury could be the result. Thousands of children are hurt each year by having an accident such as falling in the bathtub or shower, just in the United States. One of the leading causes of death of seniors is falling in the home with the bathroom being one of the worst offenders on safety. Even though most accidents do not lead to a fatality, they often require hospital treatment and we should make every effort to reduce these types of accident in the bathroom. All non slip bath mats are designed especially to prevent these avoidable accidents.

Non slip mats come in many different styles but most are comfortable, create grip and adhere to the surface of the tub or shower enclosure by suction cups, which creates a safe surface for standing to shower while at the same time, reducing the risk of falling. A variety of sizes can be found that will cover part of the tub floor, or the entire area. Some non slip mats feature cartoon characters especially for children, while others are designed to look more contemporary and stylish – depending on your taste. Whether it is for adults or children, you will find a suitable safety mat to meet your needs and add to the look of your bathroom at the same time.

Depending on the material the mat is made from, it will probably need cleaning on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from forming within its grooves and underneath. Proper cleaning will prohibit the formation of mildew as well as any mold which can be unhealthy and unsightly. Most of the mats currently for sale can be easily cleaned using soapy water or a mild disinfectant – some can even be machine washed.

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The risk of falling is not just confined to inside the bath or shower – you should have a good bath mat outside the shower to step on to. People ask for an accident when they step onto a bare tile floor with wet feet. Outside the shower some people love the luxury comfort of an absorbent terry mat to soak up the water and provide a nice dry area to stand on. You will also find any number of other styles and materials of bath mats – teak, bamboo and rubber bath mats are popular and effective.

You will have peace of mind and a much safer and more comfortable bathroom by using an anti slip mat in the shower, combined with a safe bathmat for the floor after showering. Comfort, style and most importantly added safety in the bathroom.

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Tom Stark