Advive On Furnishing A Child’s Room

Furnishing children rooms is always a fun thing for parents but it can be expensive. Planning the furniture you need carefully is therefore an important step. Children bedroom are more than sleeping areas. First children will probably remember their bedroom the rest of their lives. They should be comfortable and conducive to sleep, but they should also have a functional study and play area. Children grow quickly and their taste change rapidly as do their interests. When you plan the decor for a child’s bedroom you must take this growth and evolution into consideration. It will save you money in the future.

The most important piece of furniture in the room, the most visible is obviously the bed. When more than one child share a room, many parents opt for bunk beds as it frees space that can be used for play.

Frequently childrens beds are not made of top quality materials. Manufacturers are well aware of the fact that they are replaced every few years, and therefore they are not made to last. Depending on the age of your child I would advise to pay a little more at the onset and to buy an adult mattress as it will last much longer, and save you money over the long run.

Children who are of school age need a place to do their homework. Older children will prefer to do that in their room than on the dining room table. They should have a desk or a working surface that fits their size. It does not have to be elaborate, you could use a table top on modular cubes and add more cubes when the child grows. The cubes can also serve as storage boxes with of without slide out baskets.

All children end up with more toys than we ever anticipated. Storing those toys requires boxes and shelves to which you can add as needed. Bookcases work out fairly well for both books and smaller toys. Floating shelves can be more pleasing and do not consume as much floor space. Floating shelves are ideal for the lightweight stuff toys or doll collections. They can be used to display trophies when your child gets older and has achievements to proudly show off, but they do not work well for books as it will be difficult for a child to keep them arranged.

When looking at style, you have to consider that children furniture may have great looking styles and colors but they will be short lived. Your little girl may like pink today, but she may totally detest it in a couple of years. White bedroom furniture is the most versatile as it can be adapted to any design ideas the kids will want. Removable wall stickers will make the changes easy and inexpensive.