Enjoy a Timeless Classic with a Tiffany Style Lamp

When you hear the word Tiffany in relation to home decor, you almost certainly will think about beautiful stained glass lamps. In the modern sense, Tiffany refers to a type of glass as opposed to the designer by that same name. Tiffany style lamps are typically beautifully crafted reproductions of lamps designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany over a century ago.

Louis Comfort Tiffany passed away in the 1930s, and soon thereafter his company, Tiffany Studios, was shut down. It didn’t take long for other manufacturers to step in so that this beautiful art form would not be lost to the world. Many of these businesses utilized the name Tiffany in their work, selling signed Tiffany lamps that weren’t original works. However, they are still beautiful works of art in their own right, faithfully reproducing the detailed patterns and vibrant colors of L.C. Tiffany’s creations.

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Following tradition, the pattern for each lamp is laid out and numbered. The type and color of glass is carefully selected and the pieces cut individually. Copper foil surrounds each separate piece of glass, then they are all arranged into the correct pattern and soldered into the final design.

Favrile glass is a popular component of Tiffany style lamps. This beautiful iridescent glass was originated and patented by L.C. Tiffany and is still in use today.

There are several companies these days that are dedicated to manufacturing quality reproductions of the classic Tiffany lamps. However, there are some more cheaply made versions as well. You’ll be looking at paying a few hundred dollars for a good reproduction, whereas the cheaper knock-offs will often cost less than $100. A well made Tiffany style lamp will be worth the money to anyone who knows their interior decor, as they faithfully reproduce the originals which these days can only be found in fine art collections.

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