2 Garage Door Repair Tips

Garages are one of those things that everyone loves to have, but they never have time to properly maintain it. As long as it opens and closes without any major issues, you are good to go. And even if it does stick every now and then, you do not really mind because it still opened and closed when you needed it to.

But what happens when it no longer opens and closes when you need it to? Most people freak out and spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new garage door. More than likely, your current door is still good, but it needs a little fixing after years of neglect.

So put that money back into your wallet and try these affordable and quick garage door repair tips to repair your garage door:

1. Clean your tracks – Get rid of all the gunky build-up that may be causing your garage door stick when you are opening or closing it. A bucket of hot water, some liquid dish washing soap, and a sponge is all you need to clean your tracks. Once you are done, apply WD-40 to re-lubricate the tracks.

And remember to check and clean your tracks every 6 months to avoid this from happening.

2. Check for track alignment – Another common problem that occurs is that your tracks become unaligned. Simply stand on your ladder and see if the tracks are leaning left or right instead of directly straight.

If the alignment is the issue, unscrew the blots slightly, re-align the tracks, and screw the tracks in tightly. Again, remember to check your tracks every six months to catch and correct any minor issues before they become big issues.

If you notice that the springs are causing the problem, please, please, please call a qualified contractor to repair it for you. These are incredibly dangerous to check and repair, so leave it to a professional.


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