Why You Need Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarm systems are a valuable investment in the protection of any house or property. It is clear that they make any property safer, provided they are well-installed and well-maintained. However, never treat a burglar alarm as a sufficient security measure. You have to see a burglar alarm as a backup to any other security measures that you might have.

There are several types of burglar alarm on the market. There alarms for any budget and for any situation. Some a DIY system, whereas others can only be installed by professionals. Some are wireless and some require hard-wires installed around your property. It all depends on the purpose and the type of property that has to be protected.

Be aware that police response to burglar alarms vary widely depending on the type of alarm and the local police policy regarding such emergencies. It is well-known that more than 90% of alarm activations are false positives. That makes both police and the public ignore the alarm, unless they get some further information.

Some burglar alarm plans include extra protection and a private security employee is sent to your property if your alarm goes up. In this case, they contact the police directly, if they suspect that a crime is taking place in your property. Other alarms send you pictures and video images to your smartphone, as soon as they are activated. This last, high-tech alarms, are very useful to give you peace of mind, and to avoid false positive burglar alarm activations. They are considerably more expensive, since they require a CCTV to be installed together with the alarm. However, security conscious home or business owners know to appreciate the security that such systems provide them. And in the long term, a burglar alarm is always an investment that will save you money.


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