Rubber Garage Floor Mats

If you would like to avoid the task of repairing concrete or removing oil and grease from your garage floor, you might consider covering it with rubber garage floor mats. Installing rubber floor mats over your existing garage floor can save you a lot of time and energy. There are two types of mats that are both similar in the overall appearance, but the installation is different.

The typical rubber garage floor mat is made from recycled rubber such as tires. The common form of rubber flooring is the individual square mat. The standard size of each mat is 24” X 24” and ranges from 1/8” to 1” in thickness. You can select from several different designs, textures and colors. The squares can be sold individually, but the price per tile is a little less expensive when buying in quantity. One advantage to installing a garage floor mat is if you want a specific area covered, you may only need to purchase a few squares. For example, you could cover a small area, a complete garage, or any size to suit your needs.

The second type of rubber floor matting is the roll style. With this style, you can select a size from 48 inches wide to whatever length you need. This style is mainly available in one-quarter inch thickness. The cost is comparable to the above-mentioned mats and is sold by the square foot. This flooring is best used to cover the entire garage.

All rubber floor coverings are durable. Additionally, they are oil and grease resistant which makes it easy for a quick clean up. This is a do-it-yourself project that is fast and easy. Many home improvement centers carry these easy-to-install mats. In addition, you can go online to find examples of different rubber floor mat designs and colors available on the market.