Celebrity Status with Mirrored Furniture

You might not consider yourself a famous celebrity, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t live as if you are one! The best way to do this is by decorating your home with the elegant and glamorous decor from Hollywood. This type of design has recently grown in its popularity because many people are recognizing the many benefits that come along with blending the modern lines with the classic elegance of Old Hollywood. If you are considering decorating your home in a design like this, you should start by furnishing your home with mirror furniture as a central element of the room.

Beautiful fabrics with a touch of glitter or sparkle along with some bright, rich colors epitomize the definition of Old Hollywood. Some of the design aesthetics that come from this time period draw their motifs from the art-deco periods. This period usually incorporates many geometric shapes using bright, ornate patterns on accessories and furnishings. Considering the addition of art deco mirrored furniture to your home decor is a great way for you to easily capture the major elements of the old Hollywood period. You can find such pieces in many design patterns that can range from a more classic touch and even in more edgy and contemporary design aesthetics. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy look, you should pick out white colored tables that come with softer metallic touches to them. If you use the right lighting, these types of tables can brilliantly reflect the light which will give off a subtle glow that adds an extra touch to your home’s decor. If you’re looking for a contemporary look, you should keep an eye out for darker tables. One example would be black lacquer which is an exotic type of hardwood, similar to an ebony look.

If you are decorating your bedroom, you should add a mirrored vanity table to the room. Tables like these are perfect addition for women to who put on makeup and are looking for a place to pick out their outfits every morning. There are also some models that have lights along the sides of the mirror, which adds a more star-like quality to the vanity.

If you enjoy the spotlight and enjoy edgier and bold statements in your design, the Old Hollywood motif would look amazing in your home. If you execute the design process well, you can become a star in your own home!


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