Hiring a Roofing Service

Every home has to have a roof. And unfortunately roofs have to be replaced after many years or after a damaging storm. For example, a recent hail storm in Idaho pounded the roofs, tearing off shingles and even battering metal roofing. Most roofing services will provide the following services.

In the case of a replacement roof, a contractor will provide a cost estimate based on your roof. The estimate should include removal of all former roofing. This is referred to as the tear off. Then he should also include an allowance for replacing any rotten or damaged sheathing. And finally his price for installing the new roofing material. There should also be a separate list of the materials that he is including.

It is wise to obtain more than just one bid. Then you can compare prices from more than one roofing service. Be sure that each bid is an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. One company may have a lower bid cost estimate but they may not include a dumpster for the debris and removed shingles. Instead he may just place a line at the end of the bid which reads, “Dumpster provided at homeowner’s expense”. That right there can cost the homeowner several hundred dollars and it no longer makes the bids equal.

Once the price quote estimate is selected by a customer then he needs to sign off on it and let the contractor begin. It is a wise idea to allow extra room in the driveway for the dumpster to be placed. Parking across the street from your home also allows the roofing service to have a place to unload material, park their trucks, and maneuver equipment.

If you are in the process of replacing a roof it is the perfect time to consider adding any sky lighting to a home. The sky lights provide natural solar lights into a home so that electric lights are not even needed on sunny or bright days. Most roofing contractors should have no problem installing sky lighting.

And the last thing that should really be done before a bid is accepted is to go and inspect other roofs that the roofing service has done. Roofers tend to specialize in only roofs so they should have many for you to look at and also speak to the homeowners. The cheapest is not the best. The best is found in the service provided by an experienced, hardworking, licensed contractor who carries the proper insurance for his work.