Are Garage Storage Systems Worth It?

If you are out shopping at a local hardware store, you are going to run into the typical types of storage units for in the garage such as garage cabinets and garage shelves. While those are the most common, there is another type of storage option in this category and that is garage storage systems. People see the price point and think the cost may be too expensive but that one system will satisfy the majority of your storage along one of the garage walls.

If you are not familiar with garage storage systems, they typically start with a base that is installed to the garage wall and contains either grinds, panels, rails or tracks. Once installed to the wall of the garage, you then add different accessories which serve as the storage for the unit. These will include items such as bins, baskets, hooks, and in some cases shelves or cabinets.

Some companies will offer kits for the system to help you get started if you are unsure how many items you need for the base and how many accessories to get. These kits will likely come with a price break so they cost less than if you have to buy everything separately.

Another nice feature of storage systems is they offer great flexibility and can easily expand over the years as you start to get more household items and need storage space for them. Most units will have the ability to expand either up or out so storage can be added in either direction.

If you are one of those people that like to change things up every so often, having a storage system makes that very easy to do. It takes only a few seconds to slide something down the rail or track, or pop an accessory off of the top rail and move it down to the bottom.