Creating A Unique Garage Floor With Tiles

Over time your garage floor can begin to look dirty and stained no matter how many times you clean and power wash the concrete. A great option to creating a new floor that can withstand the abuse is to install rubber garage floor tiles. These tiles come in a variety of colors and designs or you can mix and match to create your own unique look. Made from 100% PVC rubber tiles can withstand constant use and repeated abuse while giving your garage a showroom floor look. Installation is quick and easy over any existing solid floor.

Durably designed, these floors can withstand high traffic, grease, oils, kick stands, ATV tires, heavy loads, and exercise equipment. The tiles are interlocking and self sticking so there is not special equipment needed or no need to use harsh adhesives. In fact, is it so easy you can install an entire two car garage in a day. The rubber material is easy on the back for those who spend hours in the garage whether for work or pleasure.

Perhaps you have converted your garage into a man cave and want to create a design that is all your own; you can install tiles in the colors of your favorite sports team or maybe your garage is the play room complete with pool table, card table, dart boards, etc. These rubber garage floor tiles are designed to withstand constant walking on, spills, bouncing pool balls, darts that miss the boards, anything you can dish out these tiles can handle.

Complete your design look by adding color matched edge pieces and base molding for years of use and enjoyment. If your rubber floor gets dirty simply clean it with regular household cleaners; no need for special cleaners or cleaning equipment and no frustration of spending hours cleaning the floor only to have it messed up again in a few days.


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