How Can You Extend Your Patio Season?

There are a variety of things to consider when we talk about the length of one’s patio season.  Depending on your local climate, you may be more interested in the summer use of your patio.  Other areas will enjoy more time spent outdoors during the cooler fall and spring seasons.  In the best of all climate zones, the patio can be enjoyed year round.  If you are a true patio enthusiast, then you’ll want to help create a space that can allow you even more time outside, too. The addition of outdoor kitchens has become popular and is a great way to add to any patio area at any time of year if it is well designed.

So, what does this mean?  In the summer, it means that we’ll need to address cooling issues.  This can be accomplished using a variety of awnings and shades.  Shade is critical during the intense summer sun season.  Things like outdoor deck canopies can give you some relief, but only from the direct sunlight.  You may also need to look into actually cooling your space.  Portable air-conditioning units can help, but you might also find that a patio mist system is a great choice, too.  With these, your patio temperature can drop by as much as 30 degrees.

modern outdoor kitchen

In terms of the cooler months, heating is going to be more of your concern.  As mentioned, in some climates, you just will not be able to enjoy your patio during certain months.  However, certain types of outdoor heating options can give you a big boost.  Some are more functional and others actually add to the depth and ambiance of your patio space.  For example, patio heaters will give you a nice consistent heat source, but they are fairly boring in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Now, consider how an outdoor fireplace could work for you. In terms of ambiance, nothing beats the look, sound and even smell of a crackling fire.  You can have a built-in fireplace that is designed into your patio space.  These are often brick or natural stone materials.  In some cases, you need more flexibility.  In this situation, one of those propane gas patio fireplace options will be a great choice.  They are often made of metal, some copper, than be not only decorative but functional when burning a fire.  They are also available in non-propane fuel source versions as well.  In other words, you can burn wood in them.  Here’s to your extended patio season!