Choosing Tub Chairs

There are some classic styles of furniture that fit easily into either a casual or formal room. One of these is the tub chair. Designed with curved backs and rounded seats, tub chairs are often accompanied by matching ottomans. The seat of the chair is frequently a separate foam cushion covered with fabric.

A fabric tub chair can be covered with a variety of different materials, such as polyester, cotton, or even velvet. They are also available in many great patterns and colors, like the red tub chair, which make it easy to find one to complement any decor. Formal styles of the chair often include trimmed edges; brass studs and rope trim are favorites. The full round back of a tub chair extends to the armrests as it curves toward the front, and the low seats are comfortable for watching TV or visiting with friends. These chairs often come with ottomans that are designed in semi-circle shapes to fit the curves of the chairs. Because this style of chair provides a great place to relax without taking a lot of space, it is quite popular. The large gamut of materials used and the amount of individual detail determine the cost. Prices range from very reasonable to quite expensive.

Fabric club chairs are not only upholstered in an array of styles, but their bases are diverse, as well. However, for the most part, they consist of molded plastic or wooden frames. Plastic chairs usually have a retro midcentury look and go well in informal settings. They often come in white and have removable seat cushions. In addition to the usual fabrics, leather is sometimes used for a distinguished masculine look. Leather chairs fit easily into any style of room and are usually available in white or black.

There are several other less common, but well loved, options. One of these is a swivel model attached to a pedestal enabling it to rotate from side to side. Studio swivel chairs resemble over-sized stools and fit well into rooms with retro themes. There are even some love seats and sofas fashioned in a tub style. These pieces go well with tub chairs and are often sold as part of a matching set. Because of their versatility, timeless design, and compact style, club chairs are at home in a college dorm or an upscale loft. Whether it is a collectible from the 1950s or reproduction from a discount store, a club chair is at home almost anywhere.


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