Benefits of Blackout Curtains

In virtually every household you’re going to find drapes, they are really very common. Possibly, you are not aware of the fact each type of drape serves a different purpose. For instance we could take a look at blackout curtains. You can get a lot out of them since they can save you a good amount of money and energy. They look very attractive too, and of course, they block out unwanted light.

Let’s take a look at how they actually save you money when you use them in your house. It is a proven fact that you can’t conserve a good amount of energy and in the process reduce your electricity and heating bills, when using this type of drape. About a third of the energy lost in your house leaves through the windows, according to research. These drapes have an insulating effect and they can prevent your house from losing heat by roughly 25% when you hang them on your windows. They work most effectively when they are closed during summer and open during winter; only when there is direct sunlight shining onto the windows.

Blackout curtain liners are your best option if what you want is to block out sound and completely stop sunlight from entering a room. This is perfect for anyone who has to work late in the night and has to sleep during daytime. What’s really amazing about these lined window curtains is that, in effect your room is as dark as it would be in the middle of the night. They are also helpful in the sense that they block out a lot of the annoying sound and noise coming from outside. So you get to enjoy your sleep much better.

You might think that these only come in black because of what the name implies. However, you can really get them in virtually any color. Light curtains will definitely be a great fit the mother or the style of the creation in your house is.

It is really important to remember when you want to hang lined curtains that their length and the width must exceed the windows dimensions. There is some very simple logic behind this; you want to prevent light from leaking into the house so obviously the curtain has to be bigger than the window.